Terri Jay, Intuitive Messenger
Horse Whisperer

Horse Whisperer

Terri Jay is a life-long horsewoman with a diverse background in many equestrian pursuits. As a professional horse woman, she has the knowledge and experience to find the source of the problem with all horses. With over 20 years experience helping horses and their owners around the world with  their concerns, she is well-qualified to help you with yours. Terri's work is approved and endorsed by several veterinarians. Since Terri's work involves real communication with horses, she is a true horse whisperer.

Terri can help you with:

  • Behavior problems
  • Training issues
  • Performance problems
  • The difficult decision about euthanasia
  • Determining health issues that may be missed by vets since she is a veterinary intuitive
  • Saddle fit problems
  • Determining what holistic measures may help your horse and where to find an holistic vet
  • Understanding the importance of regular chiropractic for horses
  • Looking at issues from the horse's viewpoint
  • Determining when selling a horse is the best solution

For answers to these and any other questions you may have, simply fill out the form on the right, and a member of Terri's staff will contact you to set up your appointment. Payment for either a half hour ($50) or hour ($90) appointment can be done once you submit your form. Several horses or other pets can be covered in one session.

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Appointments are only $50 for a half hour reading!


"My horse told Terri my seat wasn't right and Terri told me how to fix it. I haven't come off since and my horse is a huge 18 hand warmblood. That one thing helped my riding more than anything ever did, and she did it all over the phone!"

Erin Kelly
Woodfords, CA

"Terri is the most wonderful, caring person. She has helped me with everything from saddle fitting to animal health problems and all over the phone!"

Debbie King
Santa Ynez, CA

"Terri has helped me with so many behavior problems with my horses and she has changed the way I deal with my horses. It's so much easier now!"

Joe Borgeous
Whitefish, Montana

"She is amazing and saved my horse's life!"

Vickee Greer
Reno, NV